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Interview with Aude Roman

Aude Roman

How could you describe this short film ?

Well, it’s a fantaisy coming from a perverse mind… Unless it’s the opposite, I still don’t know!

What was your first feeling after you red the screenplay ?

It is brilliaaant ! it is brilliaaant! I really wanna do it ! I really wanna do it ! (x3)

Did you hesitate before agreeing to make film ?

I remember that even before meeting Benoît and even before reading the screenplay, I had been hooked by the log line he had posted on internet. He had just written something like this: “A mother who is a little too fanatic of George Clooney…”. That was it!... This and the title “A Juicy Turkey” were enough to let a furious certitude seize me! “I HAD to play this part, it’s NECESSARY, I WILL play it! ” So I replied to the advertisement…. but I didn’t get any answer for several months! Then I finally received the screenplay and an appointment for an audition…

How was your first meeting with Benoît Ameil and Nicolas Buchoux ?

I remember arriving late. I was panicking because I didn’t want to make a bad impression… I saw first Nicolas who seemed happy to see me… I”ve liked that because, as he was already choosen or almost, it was well for me if we had a good feeling! I left the audition with the dirty feeling I failed it or that I hadn’t done what was necessary ! But Benoît recalled me, because he was hesitating between another actress and me… I took that like a second chance and then here we are… I got it !

How did you start your work on film ?

By several rehearsal sessions with Nicolas and Benoît. Benoît showed us photos of the set (the rehearsals were in Paris but we shot in Lyon) and we saw photos of our children as well. He explained to us the various camera angles he thought about, the general atmosphere he wanted… As for us actors, Nicolas and I developed our characters together, by asking ourselves many questions about this couple, about their funny family they had built together, how they met... their past...

Aude Roman et Nicolas Buchoux

How did you fit the skin of your character ?

I do not believe that characters have a skin before being interpreted by actors. Only actors have a skin and flesh… and blood…. and emotions! The mother that I play existed of course on paper but did not have any skin. That’s the reason why I really wanted to play her! I had just to lend her my skin, my flesh, and my emotions...

How would you define your character ?

The mother is an idealist, being a housewife is probably suffocating her. She’s a dreamer but is called back to reality by her family… She obviously loves her family and cares for it the best she can, but when the TV is on and that Clooney comes onto the screen, she’s as fascinated as a child with a super hero stories… She goes about her daily tasks without really paying attention to them, only thinking about Dr. Ross because in addition to being super sexy, Dr. Ross saves children and he has an exciting life.