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Interview with Aude Roman

Aude Roman

What was the most difficult in making this short film ?

Realizing I will play with Nicolas Buchoux and not with George Clooney ! Nooo… I’m kidding! Technically, it was difficult to play with a turned-off TV as a partner. That was hard !

Which element do you feel close to in the movie ?

The turkey… and you ?

Did you forget your character easily after the shooting ?

No! The mother I played, is always very close to me in her manner of not being able to concentrate on two things at the same time… I like very much her twisted side… These are actresses qualities, I think… (Obviously, as a mom, I try to be more careful!).

What make “A Juicy Turkey” different from other short films in which you played or that you saw ?

On the shooting, I’ve been impressed by the professionalism of a very young team … Each one was very qualified.

What will you remember of this film?

Benoît’s determination… The competence, the commitment and the enthusiasm without fault of all the crew… The atmosphere during the week of shooting, but also the talent, the seriousness and the humor of Nicolas Buchoux!

For you, is the cinema a synonym of dream?

No ! Sometimes it can be of nightmare! It depends who’s directing !

Aude Roman

What is your older memory of cinema ?

Well, I do not remember the title but it was a musical in an orphanage with a little red-headed and curly girl… That’s my very first memory of cinema…

When did you decide to become an actress?

As soon as I realized that it was necessary to be gifted in math to be a vet in the bush, and that I felt too dizzy to be a funambulist!

What is still surprising you in your work?

Well… the fact it’s the link between the two jobs I wanted to make ! And also the fact you can can say and think all and its opposite!

Which are your masters in movies ?

Neither God nor Master… Still, I really like the universes of Pedro Almodovar, Emir Kusturica, Tim Burton and also the actors of their films.