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Interview with Nicolas Buchoux

Aude Roman

How would you describe this short film ?

It’s a dark and quirky comedy… It’s also a criticism of the growing importance of television nowadays, and also of fiction which invades our everyday life to the point it becomes reality itself.

How did you came on this project ?

I met Benoît Ameil thanks to La Maison du Film Court.

Do you remember the first time you met ?

Very well… Because it’s the first time a director had decided to give me a part without seeing me playing a role. Benoît Ameil told me that he wanted an actor with an original face to play the father. So he asked me to take an audition in order to confirm his choice. I have to admit I was caught by the story from the first line I read. It was obvious the part was made for me. I was ready to get it whatever it took…

How did you work with director Benoît Ameil ?

We rehearsed a lot before the shooting, we discussed about the characters, their vision of the couple… During the rehearsals, Benoît took into account all our acting suggestions while telling us precisely what he wanted and cared about in terms of direction. This essential actor/director collaboration enabled us to keep the best out of us and to refine it together.

How was your collaboration with Aude Roman, who plays the part of your wife ?

It’s was amazing, We developed a great complicity in a very short time. We were on the same page from the very beginning, which allowed us to advance much more quickly in our work. Aude has an extraordinary generosity, and I was happy to have her as a partner.

Aude Roman et Nicolas Buchoux

How would you define your character ?

The father I play loves his wife more than life itself. So much that he’s ready to face the worst in order to allow the relationship to survive. He sees the “love affair” that his wife has with George Clooney as an anecdotic thing. He’s upset but he doesn’t do anything to end it. And when reality turns into a nightmare, rather than seeing his wife’s desperate call for help, he prefers denying that his relationship is not good and acts unreasonably. The father never truly faces his problems, instead he simply plugs the holes and hide cracks thinking things will fix themselves… A bit like his wife, he lives in a bubble…