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Interview with Nicolas Buchoux

Which aspects of the screenplay do you particularly enjoy ?

At the first reading of the screenplay, I could not help but thinking about “Tales from the Crypt”, those savagely funny short pieces with a dark humor, sometimes even truly horrible, but always with a very quirky universe and characters. I was hooked by the dialogues from the start, and they still make me laugh today. Then by the twist that transforms a very usual situation into a complete surreal one… It was also for me the opportunity to show how a kind man, with a normal life, regular as clockwork, can become a monster, just because he's overwhelmed by the situation.

Nicolas Buchoux

What was the most difficult ?

Discovering that George Clooney held actually the main part of the movie (laughs). Seriously, nothing really, except that sometimes we had only two takes because film stocks were limited. But it was more galvanizing than difficult. It was extremely motivating…

What will you remember of this film ?

A total commitment of the entire crew at all the levels. This shooting will remain a great moment.

Is there any actor you admire particularly?

That I admire? No… But whose work impresses me much or nourishes me… Well, I could quote some of them: Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Meryl Streep, Dominique Blanc, Isabelle Renault, Isabelle Huppert, and all actors in Bergman’s movies.

Which are the films of your childhood or adolescence?

L’Auberge Rouge, La Grande Vadrouille, Le Vieux Fusil, Arsenic and Old Laces and Tales of the Crypt of course…